Just back from a successful training camp on sunny Gran Canaria! The week ran smooth, we ended up in a 2 star bungalow no problem just a novel step down from the 5 star on Lanzarote from January! As i told my training buddy, it is funny how quickly you get used to 5 star […]

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In the Media

30. December, 2014
HR ann FA Mag. des. 2014 Greg Saw

Norsk aussie vant Australias tøffeste etapperitt http://www.sportsmanden.no/archives/20606

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The Crocodile Trophy

31. October, 2014

I have been dreaming of the Crocodile Trophy for some time so before it passed me by i felt the 20th edition of the Croc was the right time. The 2014 stages were close to my childhood home of Atherton, in fact i slept at my mum’s for most of the 9 days and it […]

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Andalucia Bike Race 2014

18. February, 2014

The last few days i`ve been slightly suffering through a head Cold but no so bad. By the time the race starts on Sunday the Cold should be mostly out of my system… Here is a pre race story via Skiaktiv: http://www.skiaktiv.no/artikkel/6178/skal-bli-topp-10-i-andalucia.html The start list ( top 20 ) Full list: http://www.andaluciabikerace.com/carrera/participantes Number Team First name Last name […]

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Vintersjekk: Greg Saw Norges Thunder from down under har vært hjemme down under og trent i vinter. Målet er knallharde etapperitt, og gjøre en god figur i norgescup maraton. Les vintersjekk med Greg Saw! http://terrengsykkel.no/index.php?id=5100

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Skiaktiv.no (In the Media).

13. February, 2014

Here is a link about Team iHUS and the 4Stage MTB Lanzarote. http://www.skiaktiv.no/artikkel/6076/maa-be-om-juling-ofte.html    

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Race Report Mtb Lanzarote

2. February, 2014

Now i`m back in Norway after a successful 4 stage Mountainbike Lanzarote with Team iHUS. The first few days were a little strange but exciting! A  four day mountainbike race here? The first few days we explored the island on our bikes, we joked about being on the moon! Plus all the wind and sand that blows around all day! The race for us, ( […]

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1 SERGIO MANTECÓN GUTIÉRREZ Elite ESP 07:30:27 2 Simon Stiebjahn Elite GER  07:34:43 3 Juan Pedro Trujillo Hernandez Elite ESP  07:38:20 4 Soeren Nissen Elite DEN  07:39:46 5 Karl Platt Elite GER 07:39:56 6 Ismael Ventura Sanchez Elite ESP 07:42:36 7 José María Sánchez Ruiz Elite ESP  07:47:55 8 James Angus Ouchterlony Heathcote GBR  07:48:51 […]

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